Zack, Miri, the P-Word and the Laws of Success

The “p-word” is Porno, and Zack and Miri, life long friends decided to make one. Busted and broke, Zack thinks it would be an easy to make a porno and make money. Miri thinks that if it were easy, everyone would do it. Zack raises the money, finds a studio, writes the script and together they select the cast. They are on a roll and ending their financial problems does seem easy, but before they shoot a scene, they lose their studio, props and investment. Miri was right…not so easy. This movie was not a tale of persistence or success, they never do make their porno and the best we can figure out is that they never do change their financial situation. Friends, Zack and Miri, do fall in love, but nothing else changes.

Their experience is true for so many who seek positive financial change in their lives, assume the change will be easy and rush, headlong, into disappointment.

Not everyone that I talk to about getting started in a home-based business gets started. In fact most don’t. I have learned over the years, that when a prospective business partner says no to me, what they are really saying is that there must be an easier way to make money. There must be an easier way to make money than sales, there must be an easier way to make money than marketing, there must be an easier way to make money than saving and investing, there must be an easier way to make money than taking classes at night to improve skills. There must be an easier way. Period.

As Zack and Miri found and most wealth seekers find: There isn’t. Faced with the harsh reality that there isn’t an easier way, wealth seekers either quit seeking wealth or they vow to acquire the necessary skill sets to gain and retain wealth. Few people choose the latter. The majority, never quite letting go of the misplaced belief that there must be an easier way, drift aimlessly from project to project, opportunity to opportunity becoming increasingly disillusioned with each failure.

Unfortunately few people ever make and complete the journey of wealth creation. According to the Tax Foundation’s July report of individual income tax data, ten percent of American households make over $100,000 per year. In their book, The Millionaire Next Door, Stanley and Danko indicate that the average household income of millionaires is $247,000.

When Stanley and Danko wrote their book, they focused on millionaires because they thought that many American households could attain that level of wealth within a single lifetime. “About 95 percent of millionaires in America have a net worth of between $1million and $10 million. Much of the discussion in this book centers on this segment of the population. Why focus on this group? Because this level of wealth can be attained in one generation. It can be attained by many Americans.”

Why do some succeed while others ultimately fail?

People who seek and ultimately gain wealth gain different skill sets from those who don’t. Napoleon Hill places Specialized Knowledge among the 15 required assets to create wealth in his book, Think and Grow Rich. How long does it take to acquire Specialized Knowledge or a new, usable, skill set? 1000 hours, according to Michael Masterson in his book, Automatic Wealth. That is roughly 2 years at 10 hours a week for the person who has a full-time job and is seeking to change his or her financial picture. So one must either gain Specialized Knowledge or align himself with one who has it. Every other success strategy or characteristic outlined in Napoleon Hill’s Books requires work to attain or practice. Desire, Self-Control, Autosuggestion, Faith and a Definite Aim, require daily practice. Forming a Mastermind group does not require daily practice, but it does require a commitment to that group, and it often does require rearrangements within social networks. That is changing the people you hang out with.

The Success Strategies are also known as Laws of Success. They are so called because they cannot be negotiated with, they simply are.

The irony is that without any knowledge of the Laws of Success, Zack and Miri employed them. They had a Definite Aim: to change their financial picture. Their living situation reinforced that aim daily. Their group of actors and camera-men became their Mastermind Group and their group became self-reinforcing facilitating Faith, Autosuggestion and Specialized Knowledge. Zack initially had Persistence and Imagination to overcome the setback of losing their equipment, set and props. But lost Self-Control and Persistence when he realized he loved Miri. Without knowing the Laws of Success, he used the Laws of Success. Without knowing the Laws of Success, he broke them. Breaking the Laws of Success will undo the plans of success as Zack discovered, because he never did achieve his Definite Aim: to change his financial picture.

The truth is that whether we acknowledge them or not, we live in a world governed by Laws, Rules and Regulations. Many of which we use without acknowledgment and many of which we break in ignorance. We take for granted that we can leave our home without floating away because gravity allows us to walk down the street. We understand that what goes up, must come down and that our best hope is to control the nature of the landing.

Such are the Laws of Success. They exist and they work no matter our state of awareness.

Do You Need to Invest in a Car Air Purifier?

How much time do you spend in your car? If you are like millions of Americans, you can spend many hours in your car – from the commute to and from work, to drop off and pick up the kids from school, to just running weekly errands. If you are sensitive to strong smells, such as smoke, smog, or car emissions, then just driving around in your car can be an uncomfortable experience. What is the solution? You need an air purifier for your car!

What are car air purifiers?

Car air purifiers are personal devices that are suitable to operate in your automobile. Unlike home air purifiers, these appliances typically plug directly into your car’s power outlet. These air cleaners are designed to work efficiently in your car so that you can avoid draining the battery. These appliances are portable, easy to use, and oftentimes provide detectable levels of fresh air within minutes. Satisfied users describe the air as unscented, “fresh and clean” like mountain air. Reduction in breathable levels of common air pollutants is a great reason to invest in a personal air cleaner.

Most people come into daily contact with airborne irritants and allergens. If your nose and lungs are sensitive to these microscopic and unseen particles floating throughout the air, then this appliance may buy you breathing relief! Some people use auto air purifiers not just for filtering strong odors from the air, like the smell of car emissions or gas after filling up your tank, but there are many other odors that you may come in contact with. Some people use these air cleaning devices to eliminate the distinctive new car smell after purchasing a new automobile (or even to remove lingering smoke smell after purchasing a used car). Also, if you frequently travel with your dog, pet dander can accumulate inside of your car, causing sneezing, congested lung passages, and allergy and asthma flareups. An air cleaner may be a good investment in your health – or those of your passengers – especially if you frequently drive with other people.

Are there different types of auto air purifiers?

Generally, you can find a few different kinds of air cleaners for automobiles on the market – those that are mounted on the air vent, dashboard, or even clipped to the car seat. Many of these units are able to pivot around so that you can point the clean air to flow in your direction. This can be especially helpful if there is one passenger that is sensitive to odors, allergens, and airborne particles than others.

8 Steps to Building Your Dream Business – A Guide For New Entrepreneurs

Ignore the naysayers! You can build your dream business regardless of what current economic conditions may suggest. Successful businesses have been built during turbulent financial times. Build your moxie and decide to be successful. Your accelerated success starts with you!

Let’s explore an eight step process that will get you started on the path of building your dream business:

  1. Release all expectations and “shoulds” from your mind. Designing your dream business starts with a clear mind and heart. Getting rid of distractions that consciously and sub-consciously take you away from your core is the first step.
  2. Make a list of your strengths and passions. At the core, dream businesses allow us to play to our strengths and spend the bulk of our time making an impact doing what we love. Although we cannot spend 100 percent of our time doing what we love, a properly designed business will allow us to spend the majority of our time developing our strengths and enjoying our passions.
  3. Create a picture of how you want others to feel after an encounter with you or your work. Our emotions are what connect us to our soul and true essence. A powerful way to start thinking about building a dream business is to pay attention to the imprint you want to leave on the world. This starts with an examination of how YOU want to help others FEEL.
  4. Develop a list of careers, industries and business opportunities that cater to your strengths and passions that also lead to the picture described in Step 2. Once you are clear about your strengths and passions, it is time to develop a list of opportunities that support them. Make this list as comprehensive as possible. Pay attention to what others are doing in the marketplace and what is missing.
  5. Select the three careers, industries and business opportunities from the list prepared in Step 4 that most resonate with you. Now that you have a comprehensive list, narrow it down to your top three choices.
  6. Perform a SWOT analysis of your top three choices. Steps 1 through 5 of this list involve being led by your heart when designing your dream business. Once you have led with your heard, it is time to analyze opportunities with a business view. Take your top three choices identified in Step 5 and perform a SWOT analysis of each opportunity. SWOT is an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  7. Use the result of your SWOT analysis to select the most advantageous opportunity to develop While it is certainly possible to develop multiple business ideas, I suggest you focus on one at a time. Build a successful track record, and then expand to other opportunities.
  8. Create a one-page business plan. After you have selected your dream business model, invest time developing a one-page action-oriented business plan. This is an important step in guiding your activities and will serve as an important framework for evaluating future opportunities. A great part of your success will result from your ability to stay focused and say no to things that do not lead to your business vision.

Now that you have a general blueprint for what you need to design your dream business, it is time for you to take action.