10 Reasons Why a Teen Should Start a Business Over Taking a Job

Think seriously before you suggest a teenager should get a job. It could be very poor advice, particularly if you do not volunteer information regarding setting up in business as well. And while greater numbers of teenagers are setting up in business today, it is still worthwhile considering why a business is more feasible than moving into the labor force.

Here are 10 good reasons.

1. You Are in a Safer Place (especially in 2009)
What job would you be secure in today? Its the least secure career path on the planet. I recommend starting a business now. There is business opportunity galore!

2. You can act on your own ideas.
How often is the boss an idiot? Is he really there to run the business or is he filling the space? In most cases a new idea is shelved because its outside the daily routine – true! Its going to upset the system and possibly the paycheck at the end of the week.

As your own boss you can act on every idea, and chances are it will make you money! And today how critical are ideas, and the ability to change direction very quickly. Large business’s have been caught out by long time executive employees unable to make that key strategic change.

3. Avoid eternal psychological conditioning
What is a job really and what do you become in a predisposed conditioned environment? Be your own conditioner and levitate your self to a new and exciting place.

4. Get paid for what you produce
A job worker gets paid per every hour worked, and does not get paid the next hour until he/she works it. A business person builds a business that at least provides income for the standard business hours, and smart business people build passive income generating consistently around the clock. In both cases the bulk of your time can be invested in increasing your income instead of merely maintaining your income.

5. Gain experience in the experience.
What experience does a job provide doing the same thing 40-50 hours per week. Usually its repetitive process, and your exciting experience was the first 2 weeks when you learned how to do the process you will repeat everyday after then.

Business is the opportunity for new experience everyday. Even a failing business is a new experience and something a business person will experience at least once in their lifetime.

But the experience of business success is something that is difficult to obtain as an employee.

6. Ensure your tax is going somewhere worthwhile.
Employee income is the most heavily taxed there is and usually paid up front.

Business and entrepreneur tax is paid afterwards and usually with numerous expenses deducted. There is a certain degree of influence over the tax flow. How would you like it to be?

7. Create your own income.
The level of income is in your hands. Does a job offer the same control? Why is begging every 12 months considered an acceptable activity?

8. Freedom is part of the package
When does an employee obtain the freedom to have choice of other than what they can do on the weekend. When is the next holiday? What can I put on my desk? Will the boss let me go early on Friday? I can only have lunch at 1 o’clock!

If your the boss what are the choices available to you? Even in the worst business you have the choice, always.

9. Choose your own social circle.
The friends you choose are the ones you keep, and they need not be in your immediate vocational sphere. In fact chances are you will create friends from a number of different circumstances, locations, environs and cultures. This is limited within the realm of employee where to a large extent your work colleagues also become your social colleagues.

10. Be responsible for your own results.
There is no one to blame but your self and there is no one to reward but yourself. No job worker enjoys this privilege and will often relent to blaming others regardless. In this regard courage, honesty, integrity, and honor are all at stake, no matter what you achieve.

At the risk of offending anyone in a job, the truth is in the 10 reasons listed above. I do not need to justify these reasons for they speak for themselves. But it would be unfortunate if these 10 reasons were not provided to every teenager what ever they choose for there life career path. A the very least they could make a choice or even do their own research to verify what has just been said.

10 very good reasons for a teenager to start a business today.

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The cost-effective and no risk approach has led to VoIP reaching heights. This is the reason why we can find so many VoIP resellers coming across. This is because we don’t require to invest any huge amount as an investment. Anyone can a reseller and make money. Infact, this trend is already gaining huge popularity. So, those who are also thinking on the same line can try VoIP resellership.

Home Based Businesses – Why Do Most People Fail at It?

I’ve read many articles that tell how few of people succeed in Network Marketing or with their Home-Based Business.  While the numbers vary depending upon the source, it seems that around three to five percent succeed and the rest fail.  That means that 95 to 97% fail!  This is an extremely high failure rate for any kind of business.  Why does this happen?

While there are a number of reasons, here are the three that stand out in my mind.

  1. People are unwilling to take the time to learn new things.  This has several aspects to it.  In some cases, they don’t have a good mentor and this will quickly lead to failure.  But more often, it has to do with the motivation and willingness to learn.  Let’s face it, learning can be fun, but it can also be time consuming and hard.  In my case, even though I have done business and marketing for years, I quickly discovered when it came to building my own online marketing business, I had a lot to learn and fortunately for me, I had great mentors to point me in the right direction.   But even then, it took a significant time investment and a willingness to accept these new ideas.
  2. People don’t take action on what they learn.  Up above, I mentioned that learning can be hard.  It’s more than learning is fun, but doing something with that new learning is hard.  The first time you apply something new, you are going to feel clumsy and you are going to make mistakes, but that is the learning process.  You can’t be afraid of the effort it requires nor be afraid to make mistakes.  Because each time you do it, you’ll feel more comfortable and get better at it.
  3. People don’t persist.  My first attempt at doing Pay-Per-Click was a total failure.  At that point I could have decided that this wasn’t for me and quit, which is what most people would have done.  But instead I determined to persist and kept learning and improving until I had high Click-Through-Rates (CTR) and consistently ranked in the top half of the first search page for my keywords.  This persistence has lead to my success.

So what can you do to succeed with your business?  My recommendations are:

  1. Make sure you are part of a great team and have a great personal mentor.
  2. Be willing to learn everything you can from them.
  3. Take action (immediately) on everything that you learn.
  4. Persist even when it seems hard or that you are not making progress.

Now that I think about it, these are the keys to success in life, no matter what you are pursuing.